Bucharest Biennale : 20 artists from all over the world exhibit this summer at Bucharest

Bucharest Biennale is considered the most important event of contemporary art from Romania. The event opened its 5th edition on 24th of May 2012 with a press conference at Interncontinental Hotel. The Swedish artist Klas Eriksson held then his first performance in the frame of the biennale under the title “Com’on You Reds!”. The Intercontinental Hotel facade was covered by 100 torches lighted by 100 volunteers.

On May 25th, Klas Eriksson held his second performance, “Curva Viola” within the frame of BB5 at Make a point, in Pantelimon, Bucharest.

Bucharest Biennale 2012 contains a main exhibition with the theme “Tactics for here and now”, curated by Anne Barlow and some other more parallels events.  
In today's changing nature of the economy, society and culture - sometimes called "precarious time" - artists must often negotiate risky positions or dispute territories. In this context, the creation of Biennial highlights artists whose portfolio, indirect or informal, consists of investigative strategies that have their own form of power.
Participating artists: Abbas Akhavan, Marina Albu, Haris Epaminonda, Klas Eriksson, RuthEwan, Aurélien Froment, Ciprian Homorodean, Iman Issa, JaniceKerbel, Jill Magid, David Maljković, Marina Naprushkina, Ahmet Öğüt, Vesna Pavlovic, Anahata Razmi, Wael Shawky, Alexandre Singh, Mounir Al Solh & Bassam Ramlawi, Rinus Van de Velde.

PAVILION, works by Ahmet Öğüt, Alexandre Singh and Rinus Van de Velde

PAVILION, works by Ahmet Öğüt and Alexandre Singh 

The Institute for Political Research, work by Anahita Razmi

The Institute for Political Research, work by Janice Kerbel

The Institute for Political Research, work by Marina Albu

Bucharest Biennale will have exhibitions seven locations in Bucharest The Contemporary Art and Culture Center – PAVILION, The Istitute for Political Research - Bucharest University, Make A Point – cultural center, Alert Studio – artist-run studio), The House of the Free Press, Nana – local restaurant, Union Cinema, Tabu – women magazine, Zeppelin – architecture magazine, Vice – lifestyle magazine.

Cinema Union, work by Aurélien Fromént
Make a Point, work by Wael Shawky

Make a Point, works by Mounira Al Solh & Bassam Ramlawi and Klas Eriksson

Alert Studio, work by Haris Epaminonda

  The House of the Free Press, works by Abbas Akhavan

The House of the Free Press, works by David Maljković

The House of the Free Press, work by Jill Magid. Courtesy of BB5

The House of the Free Press, work by Marina Naprushkina

The House of the Free Press, works by Vesna Pavlović and Abbas Akhavan
Most of the art works shown were created especially for this event. Bucharest Biennale is opened until 22nd of July 2012.