Nicolae Grigorescu’s paintings exhibited at Brussels!

"Woman in the garden", Nicolae Grigorescu  

From 4th of October to 15th of January 2012 at  "Hotel de Ville", the old City hall of Brussels, the visitors can admire the exhibition L'Age de l'Impressionnisme en Roumanie. Nicolae Grigorescu (1838-1907) – The age of Impressionism in Romania. Nicolae Grigorescu (1838-1907).
Romania's National Art Museum opened in Brussels a big monographic exhibition dedicated to the painter Nicolae Grigorescu. It is for the first time that a Romanian painter has such an exhibition in the elegant rooms of the old City Hall from Brussels.
Partners of this event, produced as part of bilateral cooperation between Romania and Wallonia-Brussels are: Wallonia-Brussels International, Romanian Embassy in Brussels and Brussels City Hall.
The exhibition presents 72 paintings and 20 graphic works from the patrimony of Romania's National Art Museum, covering all periods of the creative artist, focusing on elements of modernity and national spirit revealed in his works.

"A flower among flowers, Miss Millet", Nicolae Grigorescu

JOAN VANDENBERGHE, scientific collaborator Hotel de Ville:
Unfortunately, Grigorescu is not well known here. Now the public come to see his paintings and discover an impressionist painter who come from a country about which we don’t know to many things.   
The people are curious. All persons that saw the exhibition were very pleased because they discovered Grigorescu’s landscape and through them a small part of Romania. Grigorescu is considered the national painter of Romanian, a symbol of the national identity.
The famous Belgium newspapers were here and wrote about Grigorescu. All of them were surprised of the beauty of Grigorescu’s paintings.

It is very hard to choose among Grigorescu’s works, but I like very much the painting so called by Grigorescu “A flower among flowers”, painting which shows the daughter of Millet, the French painter. Grigorescu loved her, but their love story didn’t end well. I like very much this painting because it is a happy joint between Grigorescu’s Romanian style, I mean the portrait, and the French influences.

 "A flower among flowers, Miss Millet", Nicolae Grigorescu - detail

JOAN VANDENBERGHE, scientific collaborator Hotel de Ville:
“I like also “Cart with oxes”. We see in these paintings how the animal is important for Grigorescu, this being who live near the human being and help him in nature, so dear to Grigorescu.”
Let’s admire some more of Grigorescu’s paints from private collection:
“Cart with oxes”, Nicolae Grigorescu, signed below in the right side in red, oil on cardboard, 24.5x45 cm, Dr. Nour collection

“Cart with oxes”, Nicolae Grigorescu - detail

"Sheper", Nicolae Grigorescu, signed below in the right side in red, oil on wood, 36.5 x 18.5 cm authenticity confirmed by profesor Remus Niculescu collection, genuine frame, Dr. Nour collection

The exhibition gives the Belgian public the opportunity to find out Grigorescu art, seeking to present new aspects of the artist activity and original connections with European art.
The event, along with exhibition Nicolae Grigorescu (1838-1907) – Itinéraire d’un peintre roumain de l’école de Barbizon à l’impressionnisme (Nicolae Grigorescu (1838-1907) - Itinerary of a romanian painter from Barbizon school to Impressionism) that Romania's National Art Museum organized in 2006 in France, at Agen and Barbizon, contribute to efforts to integrate his painting Grigorescu in the European values circuit.

The National Television realized a reportage on this issue.
More details about the opening hours and location here.

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  1. I could choose to fit the canvas print that I was ordering from to the pattern and color of the wallpaper in my living room. I could search for artwork by subject matter and even predominant colors. Then I customized the frame online because the site allowed me to match the frame style with different wallpapers, one of which looked like ours.
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  2. This is, without any doubt, a judicious location for a Grigorescu retrospective, as opposed to previous, less inspired locations of Grigorescu's retrospectives in France at Agen and Barbizon respectively.
    One learns through (expensive) mistakes.