Plastic creations at Balcic 2009

     „Plastic creations at Balcic” was a painting camp initiated and organised by the Dr. Nour Foundation for Art and Heritage and developed between 28th of August - 3rd of September 2009.
     This was the first project of the new born Foundation and for sure it was not be the last one. The main goal of the event was to promote the contemporary romanian art.
     The event gathered 4 painters: Cornelia Victoria Dedu,  Eugen Raportoru, Eusebiu Josan  and  Georgiana Manea. (in the photo from left to the right)

We don’t have a specific theme because we want to let the painters’s imagination to fly free. We wanted to see the spirit of balcic surprised in the canvas painted by the participating painters. So, just look the paintings!
"Houses at Balcic", Eugen Raportoru

"Shore with houses at Balcic",  Eusebiu Josan

"Boats", Georgiana Manea

"Balcic Castle", Cornelia Victoria Dedu

The event was followed by an exhibition of the paintings done at Balcic.

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