How Romanian Mona Lisa born…

Dialogue between 3

Who I am? she said.
You are the Romanian Mona Lisa, I said
Yes, but still who I am? she said
I said :
You are a special lady,
Your beauty is coming from an endless sky filled with lights
Your ivory skin is like a crystal in mountain streams
Your eyes are full of beauty, warm and gentle breeze
Your secret smile: can reach one mile!
Your lips: are sweet kissable, soft and tender
Your royal, lovely special, tilted cap attract me

With such beauty and character
You are loved by an endless peoples
And they called you
 Romanian Mona Lisa

By whom done? she asked
Just wait, I see the great artist MR (Dutza) is coming, I said

Dutza said:  Wow, Wow, I did this lovely paint on 1946.
It is my baby!
Wow!  I said
She said: I expected that she will grow and grow in name to become the Romanian Mona Lisa, like that of Leonardo da Vinci’

She said: Can I shake hand with you Dutza? I will step out of the frame, shake hand and return in my loved house (the frame) done by Dutza.

We love you Dutza, I said.
She said: To love me more, just see and see my paints. See my dance, folk, portraits, horses, circus, wedding and festivities works and more…

Kiss your hand, I said

Poem and design by Dr. Nour

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