Sorin Adam - Joy of Colour

Marrakech, Morocco

History can be also written through art. Places, people, actions outlined on endless canvas complete a nation’s picture. Sorin Adam’s works reveal a piece of history illustrated by oil colours, graphics, crayon in a perfect way. Under the artist brush, the coldest place comes to life and the people are warm in harmony with the Universe. Sorin Adam’s paintings calm the audience and flood it’s soul into a huge noiseless.

Street in Morocco
Since when you start to paint?
Everything started when I was 18 years old because of a crayon box.  My father received it from a painter for another painter. I found this box and I started to draw. I had never drawn or painted before that moment. I made a copy of a paint and so, by the time, I start to love painting. My father took me to Bucharest to study. Here, I’ve met the great artist Vasile Grigore who was one of my most important teachers and helped me a lot.

Landscape from Ciamurlia, Romania
How do you choose your themes?
I love the traditional Romanian painting. There are still a lot to be done in this direction. I don’t reject the western painting, but it is not my main preference. I had the chance to visit the Big Museums worldwide, but I like the Romanian art more

And the Near Eastern…
Yes. I start to focus on Near Eastern since 1990 when I was in Balcic. I’d known Balcic from the work of the great masters Nicolae Tonitza, Gheorghe Petrascu, Theodor Pallady, Lucian Grigorescu, Iosif Iser. I was impressed by the gorgeous light of the sky, see, stones, by the beautiful houses. Balcic is a cosmopolite place: there are Romanians, Bulgarians, Turks. And so, I started to see more places from the Eastern side of the world. I was in Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Morocco. The morocco clothes are like a dream because of its colours: red, green, orange, blue. Wonderful. 

Houses in Morocco
Village in Egypt
Harbour in Turkey

Do you have any favorite paintings?
Yes. Most of them are Eastern landscapes. I start to do my own collection which comprise not only my works but also paintings of other 35 colleagues. I also use to buy from Art Auction Houses paints of Romanian  famous artists: Corneliu Baba, Stefan Constantinescu, Sabin Pop.


Market in Morocco

Landscape in Turkey


How hard is to organize an exhibition?
The effort is more about time then money. Before having an exhibition, I choose a theme and I work on it for 2-3 years before I dare to make an exhibition on that issue. Then, it come the material part. The quality of the tools is very important: canvas (for example, at the beginning I used canvas on cardboard) and frames (these are very important because emphasize the painting).

Still life with pomegranate and lamp

English pub


You exhibited abroad. How was the experience with the foreign public?
I had exhibitions in Florence -Italy, in Wales, in Turkey. It was a very interesting experience and unexpected, I succeed to sell part of paintings.


Holy Sophia, Istanbul

Landscape from London


Starting with 20th of February, you started a new exhibition at Bucharest.
Yes, I launched my second art album accompanied with an exhibition of some of my top paintings illustrating different themes. It’s a “mélange”, a mixture: landscapes, still life, nudes.

Still life with pomegranate and lemon

How fast do you sell your paintings?
It was more difficult at the beginnings. Later, I start to sell and my works get to big collectors and so I build up a name in the Romanian market. This make me to establish a minimum limit: 1200 euro for a oil on canvas paintings and 500 euro for a crayon work. The highest price that I received was 3,750 euro, for painting “Balcic” sold at Artmark Auction House.

Bridge from Aswan


Street in Santorini, Greece

What do you think an artist need to become famous?
Strong will, permanent work, honesty with himself. The artist must do what he feels, not what he should do or what he has been told to do. There are many painters who do what they have been taught and they loose. This could be my story too, but I said no, I choose to make my own way.

Landscape from Morocco


Born on 22nd August 1968, Ploiesti 

1996          - Graduate of the Painting Section of the "Luceafarul" Art Academy, professor Teodor Moraru and licensed of the Art Academy of Bucharest
1998 - 2002     - Teaching assistant at "Luceafarul" Art Academy 
Member of Union of Plastic Artists since 1997

Individual exhibitions: 
2011               Frezia Art Gallery - Dej 
2009             Beldiman Palace - Iasi 
                     Art Gallery of Bucharest Municipality 
2008             National Military Circle Bucharest Art Gallery 
2007             I.C.R. - Istanbul ISIK Gallery 
2006             National Military Circle Bucharest Art Gallery 
2004             National Military Circle Bucharest Art Gallery 
2003             Museum of the Art and History of Bucharest 
2002             National Military Circle Bucharest Art Gallery 
1999             National Military Circle Bucharest Art Gallery 
1998             Corropoli Abruzzo - Italy 
1997             Florence - Italy 
1995-1996    Art Gallery of Bucharest
1994             Art Gallery of Bucharest 
1993             Art Gallery of Bucharest 

Group exhibitions: 
2010             Romanian Cultural Institute - Istanbul 
2010           Grigore Vasile, Traian Bradean, Augustin Costinescu, Sorin Adam - National Military Circle Bucharest Art gallery 
2009            Vasile Grigore & Sorin Adam - Occident Gallery, Bucharest 
2009          Andrei Romocean, Dan Constantinescu, Mircea Doinaru, Emanoil Mazilu, Sorin Adam - Art Gallery of Bucharest
2009           Winter Salon - Sutu Palace, Bucharest 
2002            National Art Salon of Bucharest 
                    International Fair of Fine Arts Bucharest 
2001             National Art Salon Bucharest 
1999             National Pastel Salon - National Military Circle Bucharest Art Gallery 
1998             Gheorghe Petrascu Bienal - Targoviste 
1997             Winter Salon - Pitesti 
1996             Gheorghe Petrascu Targoviste 
                     Apollo Art Gallery, Bucharest 
1994-1995    Bucharest Salon - Bucharest National Theatre 
1993             National Salon of Youth National Theatre of Bucharest
1992             National Salon of Graphic - II Falcone Montepascali (Grossetto) 
1991          International Exhibition Amicii del Pomero (prize and medal) RHO Milano Italy
1990             Graphic Salon RHO Milano - Italy 

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