Romanian Mona Malta 2010

„Art have to be only joy” used to say Constantin Brâncuşi. For Dr. Nour Foundation for Art and Heritage it is indeed. The second year of existance brings the second Art camp organised at Malta and it’s theme was „Romanian Mona Lisa”. Paradoxical?! What Malta has in comun with Mona Lisa? Nothing... except the letter M.
The aim of Dr. Nour Foundation camps is to let the artist free on the lands full of history and beauty so that the artist has time and availability to discover forms of the forigner beauty in order to be closer of the romanian one. Located in the central of Meditereanean Sea, floaded by water and sun, Malta combine the natural beauty with thousands years of history. The portrait of Magdalena Radulescu doesn’t have such a long history, but it reached the an impressive age: 64 years old. This means, tens years of  history of beauty, of grace, of fine features – all comprised in a paiting true named Romanian Mona Lisa.
The artists invited at Malta to surprise in own style the innocence of the Romanian Mona Lisa were: Mirela Trăistaru, Vitalie Butescu, Ştefania Stroe and Marius Stroe – two painters and two sculpturers. You can admire what come out from their hands!

by Vitalie Butescu

by Vitalie Butescu

"Church in Malta", Vitalie Butescu

by Mirela Traistaru

by Mirela Traistaru

"Woman with flowers",  Mirela Traistaru

by Stefania Stroe

by Stefania Stroe

by Marius Stroe

by Marius Stroe

Artists and organisers at Malta camp
The camp was organized between 5-12 of August 2010 by the representatives of Dr. Nour Foundation for Art and Heritage, which assured the transport, accommodation, the all-inclusive meals and few trips: Harbour cruise, Maltese Festa, visiting Gozo Island.

View from Malta

Vitalie Butescu at Malta

Mirela Traistaru at the Blue Window from Malta

Stroe family on boat at Malta
Present at the camp the great lover of the romanian art, the discoverer of the Romanian Mona Lisa, the main founder and the president of the Foundation, Mr. Dr. Nour.

The art lover, Dr. Nour at Malta

How Romanian Mona Lisa born…

Dialogue between 3

Who I am? she said.
You are the Romanian Mona Lisa, I said
Yes, but still who I am? she said
I said :
You are a special lady,
Your beauty is coming from an endless sky filled with lights
Your ivory skin is like a crystal in mountain streams
Your eyes are full of beauty, warm and gentle breeze
Your secret smile: can reach one mile!
Your lips: are sweet kissable, soft and tender
Your royal, lovely special, tilted cap attract me

With such beauty and character
You are loved by an endless peoples
And they called you
 Romanian Mona Lisa

By whom done? she asked
Just wait, I see the great artist MR (Dutza) is coming, I said

Dutza said:  Wow, Wow, I did this lovely paint on 1946.
It is my baby!
Wow!  I said
She said: I expected that she will grow and grow in name to become the Romanian Mona Lisa, like that of Leonardo da Vinci’

She said: Can I shake hand with you Dutza? I will step out of the frame, shake hand and return in my loved house (the frame) done by Dutza.

We love you Dutza, I said.
She said: To love me more, just see and see my paints. See my dance, folk, portraits, horses, circus, wedding and festivities works and more…

Kiss your hand, I said

Poem and design by Dr. Nour

Civilization Exhibition


        An unique art event took place on 18th of November 2009 at Vernescu House. We presented, in a new concept, works from Dr. Nour collection and from the artists: Cornelia Victoria Dedu, Eugen Raportoru, Georgiana Manea and Eusebiu Josan.

The official born of Dr. Nour Foundation for Art and Heritage
"The Romanian MonaLisa", dr. Nour new concept

Dr. Nour and his honourable guests

Plastic creations at Balcic 2009

     „Plastic creations at Balcic” was a painting camp initiated and organised by the Dr. Nour Foundation for Art and Heritage and developed between 28th of August - 3rd of September 2009.
     This was the first project of the new born Foundation and for sure it was not be the last one. The main goal of the event was to promote the contemporary romanian art.
     The event gathered 4 painters: Cornelia Victoria Dedu,  Eugen Raportoru, Eusebiu Josan  and  Georgiana Manea. (in the photo from left to the right)

We don’t have a specific theme because we want to let the painters’s imagination to fly free. We wanted to see the spirit of balcic surprised in the canvas painted by the participating painters. So, just look the paintings!
"Houses at Balcic", Eugen Raportoru

"Shore with houses at Balcic",  Eusebiu Josan

"Boats", Georgiana Manea

"Balcic Castle", Cornelia Victoria Dedu

The event was followed by an exhibition of the paintings done at Balcic.