Lips + lipstick = ART

Can you believe that the paint from above is painted with lips?  Brushes are the lips and paints are just lipstick!

Creative artist Natalie Irish from Houston, Texas paints by putting on lipstick, then pressing her lips against a blank canvas. She can create astonishing paintings by varying the pressure of her kisses on the canvas.

“I was getting ready to go to a show one night and put on a bit of red lipstick. I blotted it on a piece of paper and it hit me. I started experimenting and decided Marilyn Monroe would be the perfect candidate for a portrait with kisses!” Natalie Irish

Ms Irish admitted that her lips get very tired and that she owns ‘many tubes of both lipstick and chapstick’. She said her eyes get tired from constantly moving between very close to farther back from the canvas to examine her work.

There are a number of Art Colleges on line, so it has never been easier to find and develop your own style.
Careers in art are more possible that you may have thought.

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