Dr Nour Foundation awards the new art generation!

Dr. Nour Foundation for Art and Heritage launched a new art supporting activity: donations for the best art works of the graduated students of the National University of Art from Bucharest.

The three awarded students, the remarkable professors and representatives of DNFAH 

The three awarded students, the remarkable professors and representatives of DNFAH 
2011 brought almost 40 graduated painting students who exhibited their art works at Constantin Brâncuşi Hall from the Parliament Palace, Bucharest. The selection was made by a jury which included members of the Dr. Nour Foundation for Art and Heritage and remarkable professors of The National University of Art.

Awarding festivity: professors from Art University and representative of DNFAH announcing the winners


Awarding festivity

Awarding festivity

There was no 1st, 2nd or 3rd place, all the three gifts were the same for all the 3 winners. Let's see them and admire their works:

George Marinciu and his work

 Radu Popescu and his works

Naiana Vatavu and her works

Exhibition from Parliament Palace included works of master students from Painting Specialization and graduated students from Sculpture section, students of the remarkable professors: Ion Anghel, Cezar Atodiresei, Cătălin Bălescu, Marcel Bunea, Alexandru Chira, Petru Lucaci, Horea Paştina – painting section and Darie Dup, Adrian Pîrvu, Aurel Vlad – sculpture section.

 “This exhibition is remarkably coherent which make it different from others. If we carefully look at the works displayed here I would say there is a real Painting School at Bucharest. There are 2 specializations: painting and sculpture, there are different classes, but together create a harmony of different voices where the figurative dimension is the one which dictates in this moment even if it is not the only one. The professors voices are also important even if they let free the students who are not only simple disciples.  
Sculpture is not only decorative, it naturally dialogize with painting. You will notice different techniques and styles and we could say that the dialogue between painting and sculpture, as it is here, resume an older dialogue launched in Renaissance times. This means we are in a point who connect the modernity with post post modernity.” Ruxandra Demetrescu - Rector of National University of Art, Bucharest

The National Television of Romania was present at the event. If you want to see the news broadcasted, follow the link: Artist Diploma

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  1. Felicitari celor trei premiati. Este excelent ca ati postat si lucrarilor altor absolventi talentati, dar este mare pacat ca nu ati mentionat numele fiecarui autor sub lucrare.

    Daniel Ioan