Over $ 7,000,000 sales at Christie’s Middle East

Bita Vakili (Iranian, b. 1973), Untitled, signed and dated in Farsi (lower centre of the right panel), oil, paper, sand, encaustic, pen, glitter, threads and cloth on canvas;     199.6 x 219.6cm, executed in 2010
Estimated price: $15,000 - $20,000
Realized price: $35,000


Christie’s auction held in Dubai on October 25-26 introduced a new sale format for the Modern and Contemporary Arab, Iranian and Turkish Art sales.
The main representatives of Dr. Nour Foundation for Art and Heritage were present at the event.

Dr. Nour expecting the paint of Bita Vakali

Dr. Nour with an art dealer

The part I sale, from 25th October, included modern works and higher-value contemporary works by artists such as Sohrab Sepehri, Farhad Moshiri, Louay Kayyali, Paul Guiragossian Mahmoud  Said, Charles Hossein Zenderoudi.

The part II sale, from 26th October, offered a wide range of artists and concentrated on Contemporary art from the region reflecting the continued maturity and international interest for sales in this category held in the region.

There were 215 paints and sculptures exhibited and all were sold, for the total amount of $ 7,528,100.

Mahmoud Saïd (Egyptian, 1897-1964), “Petite fille d'Assiout”, signed and dated 'M.SAÏD 1945' (lower left); signed, dated and inscribed 'MAHMOUD SAÏD "PETITE FILLE D'ASSIOUT" -1945-' (on the stretcher), oil on canvas, 78 x 62cm
Estimated price: $ 250,000 - $ 300,000
Realized price: $ 650,000

Sohrab Sepehri (Iranian, 1928-1980), Untitled (from the Tree-Trunks series), signed in Farsi with the artist's monogram (lower right), oil on canvas, 70 x 140cm, painted in 1969
Estimated price: $250,000 – $300,000
Realized price: $662,500

Azade Köker (Turkish, b. 1949), “The Apple”, signed 'Koker' (lower right), mixed media on panel, 140 x 210cm, executed in 2011
Estimated price: $70,000 – $90,000
Realized price: $122,500

Paul Guiragossian (Lebanese, 1926-1993), “La famille”, signed PAUL.G.' (lower right), oil on board, 137 x 130cm, painted in 1991
Estimated price: $120,000 – $180,000
Realized price: $242,500

Hilda Hiary (Jordanian, b. 1969), “Divided Middle East”, signed and dated 'Hilda Hiary 2011' (lower centre), acrylic on canvas, 180 x 180cm, painted in 2011
Estimated price: $10,000 – $15,000
Realized price: $11,250

Fateh Moudarres (Syrian, 1922-1999), Untitled, signed 'moudarres' and again in Arabic (lower right), oil and sand on paper, 25 x 34cm
Estimated price: $5,000 – $7,000
Realized price: $6,250

Abdulrahman Al Mouzayyen (Palestinian, b. 1943), “Untitled”, signed in Arabic and dated '2002' (lower right), ink on paper, 65 x 50cm, executed in 2002
Estimated price: $8,000 – $10,000
Realized price: $7,500

         Ahmed Askalany (Egyptian, b. 1978), “Kissing”, bronze, Height: 120cm,
executed in 2011; this work is unique
Estimated price: $30,000 – $40,000
Realized price: $68,500

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    He and I searched for art about "vegetables" in wahooart.com and immediately found this one, http://en.wahooart.com/A55A04/w.nsf/OPRA/BRUE-8BWLKG, by Giuseppe Arcimboldo, which fits the bill to the nearest pear.