Georgiana Manea – the painter of life

Georgiana Manea

What’s is art for you?
Art is everything around me. Art is life. Everything happens daily influences me. Many time, I am my own source of inspiration. I look in the mirror, I put a red thing on my head, every time different. This creates a stampede in my mind, it creates images which don’t correspond to my person, but to new character. Even so, all these are not always enough and I use symbols.

"Dreaming I", Georgiana Manea, 150X60 cm
You fell the need to paint immediately?
Yes, or if I can’t paint in that moment, I make a drawing, I note the idea because the moment, the twinkle, can be lost.

"Kaleidoscope", Georgiana Manea, 150x60 cm
When you discover art?
I had no talent in primary school. Nobody would thing I would ever paint. My mother used to help me to make my drawing homework. When I was 15 years old, in the first year of highschool, I start to draw what I see from the balcony. I had a great scenery. Nothing else matter to me except making drawings. So, my parents took me to the Art High School Nicolae Tonitza, Bucharest, where I succeed to study the last 2 years of high school. It was difficult to get there because I had to pass colors, composition, drawings exams. I succeeded and everyone though I was a genius.
I followed faculty courses later, not immediatly after I graduated the High school, as I had some family problems: my father died and my mother had not money to keep me in school and to take care of my younger brother. So, I got a job, I start make church restorations. I didn’t give up to school, when I gathered money I went Art College. I was 24 years old. The admission was very tough, there were many candidates.
After, I was a little bit disappointed because I though that the professors will teach me unsuspected things, it wasn’t like this. But Faculty brings me a huge revelation: I realized that art is not only talent, but especially work.  

"Dreaming II", Georgiana Manea, 150x60 cm
                                               FOR SALE
In art, you have to stay by yourself in the workshop and work and not necessary to teach you someone something. You can steal some techniques from others, but still is for nothing if you don’t stay and work all day long. Art means work, a lot of work. A painter get to see results after years of work.

"Woman with peacock" Georgiana Manea, 150x60 cm
                                         FOR SALE
How was your evolution after you graduated the Faculty?
I did a portofolio with my works and togheder with a colegue, I start to knock the doors and show what I can do. It was very difficult, but I didn’t give up and fail in front of a computer or become a teacher (some of the painters give up their painting career do this). I wanted just to paint. At the first exhibition, I succeed to sell. This stimulated me because to sell in Romania as a young artist is luck indeed. The clients were not collectors or art merchants, but they simply liked my paints. This was also simulating. I trust more people who don’t know art, but who like or not a painting. This is the hardest judgment.
After this, it followed a period when I sold very very much to the foreigners:  French, Germans, Americans.

"Surprise", Georgiana Manea, 150x60 cm
                                                    FOR SALE
How you would characterized your art?
I prefer figurative style, I prefer symbolism, characters with different symbols: plant or animal. I am an instinctual artist. Some of artists are rational, I am spontaneous and this doesn’t mean superficiality. I work a lot to a painting because I want to express my ideas. 
"Magician I", Georgiana Manea, 120x90 cm
How fast you finish a painting?
I finished a work within a month, specially if it is big size or if there are characters. Usually, I work 2-3 works in the same time. The time I spent dictate the price of the work. I take also into account the size of the work even if it is not the most important.

"Magician II", Georgiana Manea, 120x90 cm

How and how fast you sell your works?
I sell my paintings through galleries. The problem is that the Romanians galleries are taking very high commissions, sometimes 100%. This means that the paintings isn’t able be sold, so I had to make discount. The exhibitions are also a way of selling.
In my case is more difficult if we speak of the financial part because my husband is also a painter. There are times when the selling are bad for me and also for my husband, we don’t financial  complete one each other and we are at the limit. In last 2 years the sellings were considerably down. The famous artists are complaining about this, what should we say, the young ones? To change the profession?  I think that the biggest mistake is to give up. I am still optimistic.

"Magician III", Georgiana Manea, 120x90 cm
How difficult is to do an exhibition?
It is very difficult to rent the hall of the exhibition because it it very expensive. There are not many places to rent. The Artists Union lost a lot of places. There are private galleries, but most of them are exclusivist. Briefly, you need strong nerves to organize the event.  

"Flowers", Georgiana Manea, 50x70 cm

"Flowers", Georgiana Manea, 50x70 cm

What is your soul painting?
Each painting is as my own child. Still it happens to like more a painting because of technical and symbolist reasons: the work should show a certain spark, the one from the end of the tunnel. From that spark I start, so I have to fight to see it in my paint. I try to express myself through symbols. For example, the cock is a positive symbol, Christian symbol and not only. Even to the Muslims, the cock was a beneficial symbol.   The cock was considered the enemy of evil. The cock represents reborn of a new day, the light, the positive. I always try to find positive symbols. Even I use the triangle with the angle up, as a sign of ascending.

"To a new day", Georgiana Manea, 120x90 cm

What are your plans for the next years?
I would like to travel a lot, specially aboard. It very important for me to see new places. I am a contemplative person. I would look for hours even to a weeds  landscape. Also if I would visit a special city.
Regarding my painting, I would like to believe that my path is profound, depth, represents essence from the spiritual point of view. This is my goal. A painting must always tells you something if there is soul in it, otherwise it is not a painting.

Georgiana Manea working

"Flowers", Georgiana Manea, 50x70 cm

STUDIES : 2000 - 2004 Art  University, Bucharest, Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting Section, Class prof. Marin Gherasim

  - 2006 - Apolinic & Dionisiac, GalAteCa Gallery
   - 2006 - Apolinic & Dionisiac, Bucharest Financial Plazza
   - 2007 - Apolinic & Dionisiac II, ONU House
   - 2007 - New City,  Second Life (first romanian painting exhibition in virtual reality - G.Manea & C.Suteu)
   - 2009 - Bucharest Municipality Art Gallery (G.A.M.B)
   - 2010 - Bucharest Municipality Art Gallery (G.A.M.B)

   - 2002 - StudentFest, Timisoara
   - 2003 - Landscape, Atelier 35, Bucharest
   - 2004 - Diploma, Floor Gallery, National Theatre, Bucharest
   - 2005 - Apollo Gallery, group exhibition
   - 2005 - Fr. Schiller House, Enuntio 2005
   - 2005 - Bucharest Financial Plazza, 1+1+1
   - 2008 - UNESCO Group, Paris and Strasbourg
   - 2009 - Colours of Bucovina - workshop, group exhibition Radauti
   - 2009 - Balcic - Workshop
   - 2009 - Civilisation Exhibition - Vernescu House Bucharest organised by Dr. Nour Foundation for Art and Heritage
   - 2009 - Painting Symposium, Fronius Sighisoara
   - 2010 - Painting Symposium, group exhibition in Synagoga Bistrita
   - 2010 - Painting Symposium, group exhibition in Central Gallery Sighisoara
   - 2010 - Art Auction, Gold Art, Apollo Gallery, Bucharest
   - 2010 - Painting Symposium, Fronius Sighisoara
   - 2011 - Group exhibition in Galeriile Fundatiei - Fundatia Nationala pt. Stiinta si Arta, Bucharest
   - 2011 - Group exhibition Gallery Elite Bucuresti
WORKS in private collections in Romania ,Germany, France, USA

Georgiana Manea

N.B. The works are for sale. If you want details about the painter and her paintings, please use email/telephone mentioned in Contact section.

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