Qi Baishi’s record painting done on marble

Qi Baishi (1864-1957) is a Chinese artist who become the third bestselling paintings in the world after Picasso and Warhol. His paint “A long life, A peaceful world” was sold for 65.4 million US$ at 2011, at China. This work was reproduced for the first time on marble by artist Dr. Nour.  
“A long life, A peaceful world”, by Qi Baishi
The art work represents an eagle on a pine branch flanked by two calligraphy scrolls, each measuring 264.5 x 65.8 cm and was presented by the artist to military and political leader Chiang Kai-shek for his 60th birthday in 1946. The painting sizes are 266x100 cm.
The starting price was US$13.54 million and reached to US$65.4 million after an intense 50 rounds of biddings over 30 minutes.

Qi Bashi (1864-1957)
Qi Bashi was a prolific, largely self-taught 20th c. artist whose work is highly sought-after China’s booming art market.
This painting “A long life, A peaceful World” will be reproduced on marble! The Artist Dr. Nour the art lover, specialized on marble work, started to reproduce it on marble, last June 2011, for the first time in the world and expected to finish it on June  2012.

Dr. Nour, in the production process

Dr. Nour, in the production process

Dr. Nour, the art lover, working on marble
The unique marble work for masters done by Dr. Nour, started in 2000 with “Irises“ of Van Gogh, continued with “Poppy flowers” of the same artist and with reproductions after work of other famous artists as Picasso and Cezanne. See article Poppy flower of Van Gogh on marble!

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