Poppy flower of Van Gogh on marble!

"Poppy flowers" by Van Gogh proved the most expensive paint in the world regarding the size!

The paint was stolen from Museum of Mahmud Khalil at Cairo, on August 2010. This is the second time stolen, the first time was some years back and returned after 2 years.
             Dr. Nour is lover of Van Gogh and lover of this paint, where Van Gogh created it from Poppy flower, one of the most delicate, sensitive and small flowers. Dr. Nour started production of the same paint from September 2010 and expected to finish in August 2011.

Dr. Nour selecting the marble

Dr. Nour preparing the art work on marble

     This production is not an usual one, but is done on marble for the first time in the world! It combines the long experience in marble of Dr. Nour with his creative talent in art… 

Dr. Nour working on production

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