Nicolae Grigorescu: record after record

The painting “Little peasant girl resting” (Tărăncuţă odihnindu-se) by Nicolae Grigorescu become the most expensive painting sold on the Romanian art market. The painting was sold for EUR 270,000 on 13th of April at the Artmark auction house in Bucharest.
"Little peasant girl resting"

By its theme with the representation of women in the center, the painting 'Little peasant girl resting' is part of an important dimension of the work Grigorescu, one that provides a valuable esthetic, ethnographic, art history and culture information about  Romania from beginning of twentieth century.
        Women's choice to illustrate the context in which it is placed, the typologies of female characters and the sense that the artist is giving the image are issues that raises interesting issues on the creation of Grigorescu - one rich in possibilities for exploration.
The previous record was also held by a Nicoale Grigorescu painting through the sale of “Pub in Rucar” for EUR 230,000 on March 23 at the Spring Artmark auction. This work was belonging to the Ion Luca Caragiale collection and illustrate a characteristic scene of the Romanian village.

"Pub at Rucar", oil on wood, 26,5x45, signed in red at the left bottom Grigorescu
At the same auction, another work of the artist called “At the edge of the forest” was awarded for EUR 200,000. This is the biggest paint of Nicolae Grigorescu. 

"At the edge of the forest", 91x72 cm by Nicolae Grigorescu

Sales prices for Grigorescu’s pantings increased from September 2010, when the famous “ Ox cart“ (Car cu boi) has amounted to EUR 155,000 and then last year’s December when the “Sheperdess” (Pastorita) was sold with EUR 175,000 at the Artmark auctions.
"Sheperdess", oil on wood, 24.5x45 cm, signed in red at the right bottom Grigorescu

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