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China become the biggest art market worldwide and overcame United Stated of America and Great Britain. In 2010, the total selling on Chinese art market (Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai) was 3.1 billion of dollars (source Artprice)

Fondul Certinvest Arta Românescă – Certinvest Romanian Art Found – the first investments found in art from Romania in only few weeks. The minimum subscription value in this Found is 5.000 euro which represents 2 units of the Found. The objective for the profit is 15% per year for the euro investments

"Pub at Rucăr" by Nicolae Grigorescu
 “Pub at Rucăr”, by Nicolae Grigorescu is the most valuable art work sold at a public auction of Artmark on 23th of March 2011

”The bride (Elena Neamtu’s portrait)” by Magdalena Rădulescu, oil on canvas, signed below in brown on the right side, dated 1943, 73x62 cm, Dr. Nour collection
The yearly average profit of Romanian art market in the last 15 years (1995-2010) was 27,04%

”Three characters” by Magdalena Rădulescu, bone painted with wooden holder, 7.5x14x7.5 cm, with a handwritten inscription on the holder, Dr. Nour collection
In 2010, the volume of transactions on the Romanian art market was  8 million Euros

"Nude, Green Leaves and Bust" by Pablo Picasso
The paint “Nude, Green Leaves and Bust” done by Pablo Picasso in 1932 is the most expensive painting in the world. The work was sold in May 2010 at New York’s Christie’s auction house for 106.5 million dollars (76.2 million euros). By this amount, the painting set a world record.

There are 7 Auction Houses  in Romania (Alis, Goldart, Monavissa, Pogany, Artmark, ARAArtCollection from Bucharest and Quadro from Cluj Napoca)

The first Romanian Auction House (Alis) was born in 1990

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