Dr. Nour & Picasso at the tallest building in the world

- the unique Sculpture Paint -

Passion for Art creates unique Art.

The passion for art of Dr. Nour made to be born a new and unique technique “Sculpture Paint”.

This new technique of Dr. Nour make the viewer to look with different eyes to the art work and discover the mister hided inside of this. The mister of a technique who wasn’t done before and who waited to be discovered by a passion creator of art.
A new chapter of a unique art is opened now in different series dedicated to Gulf Kings and Queens or to the most famous painters as Picasso, Cezanne, Van Gogh, Klimt. All these are accomplished by Dr. Nour in an unique form worldwide which include marble, precious or semi-precious stones, crystal, pearls, gold, leather, textile, wood in association with new great architectural elements. An association of new and old - but never obsolete symbols - that you would never imagined.

Dr. Nour does this unrivalled art literally and figuratively: he joined the tallest building in the world with Picasso’s works in a unique art. He brought together older and newest art, painting and architectural elements in an original concept of Sculpture paint: Dr. Nour & Picasso at the tallest building in the world.

This great art work refers to two of distinguished Picasso paintings: “Glass and Pitcher” (“Verre et pichet” in French) created in 1944 and “Head of a Horse” (“Tete de cheval” in French) made in 1962 by Picasso, the brightest art personality of XXth Century.
In the Dr. Nour’s Sculpture paint, it can be seen on the right and left wings the glass and pitcher, while on the above wing it is pictured the head of a horse.

All these elements are emphasized by the logo plan of the tallest building from the world: Burj Khalifa from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The building has 828 meters high, 211 floors and is designed with full and newest architectural technology.
Impressive art work by its beauty and also by its values. Specialists estimate the two Picasso paintings at 4.3 millions USD. The Burj Khalifa costed 1.5 billions USD. Great amounts align with great art works which created further art in the impressive Dr. Nour Sculpture Paint.