ŞTEFAN LUCHIAN, the painter of flowers

Ştefan Luchian - detail

To know to observe, this is the key! The most people do not see anything, go with eyes closed, as if they were speaking between them. We, the painters, we look with eyes, but work with soul.” Ştefan Luchian

"A painter" selfportrait, Ştefan Luchian

Son of the Major Dimitrie Luchian and of Elena Chiriacescu, Ştefan Luchian born in Ştefăneşti, Botoşani County, Romania, at 1st of February 1868. He was 5 years old when his father was moved with his family at Bucharest, on Popa Soare street.  

Popa Soare Street, Bucharest, Romania

Over the years, the chilhood universe will become one of the favourite themes of Luchian.

At that time the wolves were eating up the road and if you forgot to buy matches, all night you were sitting in the dark.”

House where the artist lived

"I was a kid, I went recently at the school. At an Easter, an aunt brought me bad stuff watercolors. Mama used to drink coffee outside on the porch. Me, as a devil, I snuck into the guest room. She forgotten it switched on. I sat on a wall and worked and worked! I intend to paint Safta, our cook. And she was so ugly! Poor Mama, she ran with us so much!” Ştefan Luchian

"Portrait of a child", Ştefan Luchian
       ”I was doing all class drawing, for thirty coppers. This was the price.”

The little gardens of the neighbours were flooded with flowers in their many happy colors and shades, it was desired area of Stephen child-artist, as since he was little he observed small miracles of nature. He saw that the flowers die in autum and felt this as a pain.
"If I would be a painter, I would keep poppies on canvas. Not only poppies, but also other flowers, which lose their colors when they are pressed in herbarium.” Ştefan Luchian

"Poppy flowers", Ştefan Luchian

"Poppy flowers", Ştefan Luchian

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