Qatar adores Cezanne

Art has no borders. The limit is only our own imagination.

An impressive series of unique sculpture paints dedicated to the most famous painters and to Gulf Kings and Queens is done by the artist Dr. Nour!

The painting “Card players” by Paul Cezanne was bought by the Royal family of Qatar for a record of $250 millions. Qatar adores Cezanne! 

As a sign of appreciation of this, the artist Dr. Nour did the portraits of the Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani and his Queen in marble. 

The new technique of the distingued artist Dr. Nour consist of painting direct on marble, without using the canvas. This work is accomplished by Dr. Nour in an unique form worldwide which include not only paiting on marble, but also precious or semi-precious stones, crystal, pearls, gold, textile, wood. 

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