The new “When you will marry”, by Dr. Nour, 2015 out of Paul Gauguin, 1892

A New Age of Art: marble painted with jewelry

Did you ever imagine that you can create an art work from marble, and still not a classical sculpture? Shaping in marble a portrait of an illustrious personality or reproducing a famous painting without colors and brushes, but “painted” with gold, silver, crystals, pearls, gem stones. 
Dr. Nour is the artist who invented this new sculpture-painting technique.

In 1892, the frech post-impressionist artist, Paul Gauguin, painted “When will you marry?” 123 years later, the canvas is sold to Qatar Museums for 300 million USD. 

"When will you marry?", by Paul Gauguin

Now, the painting is reproduced by Dr. Nour in his special technique. He sculptured the marble in three dimensions and colored it with agate stones outlining the girl, with gold for the leaves, with ruby red and emerald for defining the flowers and the grass. In the sculpture-painting of Dr. Nour you can find also crystals, pearls, leather, wood, wool and silk.
This technique requests a lot of experience. Dr. Nour is expert in marble and jewelry for more then 30 years. The range of precious materials is very wide and it needs skills in selecting. Also, Dr. Nour has good knowledge as art designer. For fixing such materials, he used forceps, special scissors, drilling and cutting machines. 

Such a beautiful crowning of a lifetime experience!

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